Giving Matt and Kim a hand

WA’s former The Block contestants Matt and Kim, with help from RAC Insurance, gave the gift of a lifetime to the Flavelle family from Hamilton Hill.

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Giving back is what we do

Episode 5: Family is not an important thing - it's everything

The HoyPoy family of Kingsley are a beautiful, athletic and positive family of six. Father, Ryan likes to lead a healthy lifestyle and mother Sallie, loves entertaining and having friends over for dinner. The family are very involved in their local softball and netball communities and are tight as a rock.


Throughout this heart breaking process, this incredible family have never asked for help, and haven't changed their positive way of life. A few weeks back, a 380 strong rescue team took to this family's home to give them a renovation of a lifetime.

Recently, their family has undergone the most devastating downturn of luck. Mother, Sallie is battling stage 4 breast cancer, and now daughter Zoe who is just 14 has been diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer.

RAC is proud to give back to the WA community by supporting projects like Matt and Kim to the Rescue. Check out the gallery below to see our hard working RAC team giving back to WA.


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Giving back is what we do

Episode 4: Ray and Ruth's story

WA's former The Block contestants Matt and Kim, with help from RAC gave the gift of a lifetime to Ray and Ruth of Herne Hill.

Ruth first battled brain cancer then, years later suffered a stroke that paralysed half her body and put her in a wheelchair. Her husband Ray continues to put everybody before himself nursing his wife in his few spare hours and caring for his sick father daily.

To give this family peace of mind, RAC provided Ray and Ruth with Roadside Assistance and Home Insurance. We also gave Matt and Kim a loan of the RAC Electric Car to cover ground when searching for furniture for the newly renovated home. They were able to drive around in the most sustainable and efficient way possible.

RAC is proud to give back to the WA community by supporting projects like Matt and Kim to the Rescue, which help to make WA a better place. Giving back is what we do; we've been doing it for over 110 years. Stay tuned here for the next episode of Matt and Kim to the Rescue.

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Giving hope to a desperate family

Episode 3: Hung's story

Matt and Kim have created incredible renovations for needy Western Australians. But this time, even the most breathtaking makeover won't be enough.

This is the story of Tracy and Hung. Hung is 48 years old and dying from metastatic kidney cancer that has spread to his lungs, stomach, brain and has just hit his bones .

Instead of enjoying Hung's last few days or months together with their children (aged 15, 7 and 4) they are struggling to make ends meet and suffer from financial tension and lack of security for their 3 young boys.

They often are forced to accept food parcels from charities, their church and teachers at the children's school. However, the biggest of their stress is coming from the mortgage payments of their home. They are at risk of the bank taking their home away.

Hung's dying wish is that his wife and beautiful children can at least remain in their house when he dies - the peace of mind that his wife and children have the security of a roof over their head is all he wants ... and has ever wanted.

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