Giving attention to our roads

The world’s first Attention Powered Car made headlines around the world, but more importantly, it put the issue of driver inattention on the map.

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RAC is committed to saving lives on our roads and the Attention Powered Car highlights the impact of how quickly we can lose concentration behind the wheel and help discover solutions to try to help save lives on our roads.

The car features a neuro headset that connects brain activity to the car's engine via customised software and when the driver's level of attention drops, the car safely slows down, alerting the driver to their lapse in concentration.

What we learnt

We asked you to give your thoughts on driver inattention and how you will change your driving behaviour to becoming an attention powered driver.

With helpful tips like suggesting to put your mobile in the boot before setting off on your journey, we received over 1,000 suggestions on what distracts you and what steps you will take to be an attention powered driver. We hit the streets of Perth and asked some locals to share their concerns, issues and thoughts on this road safety issue.

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Distracted driver on smartphone

Driven to distraction

Technological advances in communication devices means we have never been more connected. RAC’s 2014 free2go Driver Survey revealed that while young drivers in Western Australia recognise risky behaviour on the roads, they still engage in these behaviours while driving.
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