Giving back to WA for the better

RAC doesn’t have shareholders, which means we can give our profits back. If it were up to you, how would you divide these profits to benefit members and the WA community? 

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How we have been giving back

second RAC helicopter

Giving back with a second RAC Rescue helicopter

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RAC Electric Highway

An update on the
RAC e-bike trial

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Automated Vehicle

Giving driverless vehicles a go

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matt and kim

RAC helping Matt and Kim

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Giving back safer roads

RAC is an advocate for increased investment in our road and public transport system. We work with all levels of Government to ensure safer roads and better infrastructure for WA.
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Giving back for a better environment

RAC gives back with sustainable initiatives and new technologies, and is helping to reduce WA’s carbon footprint with Australia’s first Electric Highway® which will connect Perth with the South West through a series of fast charging stations
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Giving back member benefits

RAC gave members over $5 million in savings and rewards last year. Members get access to discounts at over 100 retail and travel partners, including discounted movie tickets.
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Giving back to the community

RAC supports the wider community by supporting initiatives that make WA a better place. Over the past few years, we've given back over $1 million through RAC's Community Sponsorships program.
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