RAC e-Bike Trial

RAC recently took electric bikes (e-bikes) for a spin to showcase the growing importance of 'personal mobility options', as well as the broader benefits of cycling in Perth.

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What is the RAC e-Bike Trial?

Over 10 weeks, 40 employees of four participating workplaces had the exclusive use of a SmartMotion e-City e-Bike for their commute to and from work, as well as any other trips they want to make.

What was the outcome?

Participants completed before and after surveys and kept weekly travel diaries to capture their e-Bike usage and experiences. Initial results from the e-Bike trial have shown that car trips made by participants for commuting purposes were almost halved. 

The increase in cycling that was maintained throughout the Trial demonstrates the potential of e-Bikes in making cycling a more attractive and realistic option for people.

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Why did RAC run this Trial?

Perth is growing at a rapid rate and our roads are becoming more congested. There is no single solution to Perth’s congestion problem but an increase in cycling can help to reduce the number of cars on the road, as well as provide benefits for individuals.

Cycling is booming with around 591,000 cyclists taking to WA’s streets and paths every week. We want to help make cycling a more convenient and realistic commuting option for even more Western Australians and we think e-Bikes, which take the puff out of cycling, can help.

Who took part?

Ten participants were selected from each of the four participating workplaces. To be eligible, employees of the City of Wanneroo needed to be Wanneroo residents, taking part in the Government's Your Move Wanneroo Program. Participants from the other three locations needed to reside within 20km of their usual workplace of work.